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The Complete Illustrated Guide To Furniture & Cabinet Construction (Book)


The Complete Illustrated Guide To Furniture & Cabinet Construction (Book). Expert woodworker and writer Andy Rae takes the construction of furniture and breaks it into components -- from boxes, cases, doors and drawers to shelves and feet. He explains all the techniques used to build them, so you can choose the ones that are best for you. Then he shows you how to put the pieces together to make great furniture.

Youll acquire a working knowledge of woodworking materials, a higher control over your work and tools and an understanding of basic design principles.

  • Graphic, step-by-step presentation of key techniques and methods
  • Visual maps, cross-references and indexes make information easy to find
  • Covers the many woodworking methods and tools available
  • Modern, up-to-date coverage of tools and techniques
  • Part of a three-volume encyclopedia of woodworking

After 20 plus years of practicing the craft, I still search daily for new ways of working. Once you discover something that works, call it your own and stand by it.

-- Andy Rae

The Complete Illustrated Guides Introducing a new series of books in the tradition of Tage Frid. All the techniques and processes you need to craft beautiful things from wood are compiled into three comprehensive volumes: The Complete Illustrated Guides. Highly visual and written by woodworkings finest craftsmen, these three titles -- Furniture and Cabinet Construction, Shaping Woodand Joinery establish a new standard for shop reference books.



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