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Soares Book on Grounding and Bonding, 2014-NEC

Improving your skills in electrical grounding and bonding has never been easier! Soares Grounding & Bonding cuts through the confusion of industry jargon and common misconceptions and guides the reader step-by-step through the language and intent of the National Electrical Code, NEC-2014. The following are examples of changes occurring in NEC-2014: A new table for sizing grounded conductors, main bonding jumpers, system-bonding jumpers and supply-side bonding jumpers is a highlight of the 2014 Code; New explanations clarify that "sole connection" provisions pertain to the types of electrodes involved and that "sole connection" sizing provisions are not forfeited if more than one of the specified types of electrodes involved are present; and Grounding electrode conductors and grounding electrode bonding jumpers are not required to comply with 300.5 for underground burial depth installations. Check out the explanations for the new code rules in Soares Grounding & Bonding first, where the text is easy-to-read and easy-to-understand. If you are serious about being well-versed in grounding and bonding code requirements, your technical library is incomplete without this book.
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