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CALL TODAY phone number 561.229.1418

PSI Montana Journeyman Electrician Certification Package


the exam consists of 60 questions and you get 180 minutes to complete the test. the minimum passing score is a 75%.

Description of the Examination: 1. National Electrical Code 2. Ohm’s Law 3. Layout and practical installation of Electrical Circuits

The examination is OPEN BOOK. The following reference material IS allowed in the examination site: 

National Electrical Code®, 2014 Edition 

Candidates are responsible for bringing their own references to the examination center. Reference materials must be unmarked, meaning no highlighting, underlining, writing and/or indexing may exist in the reference. Any candidate caught writing, highlighting, underlining and/or indexing in the references during the examination will be reported to the BCC. Furthermore, candidates are not permitted to bring in any additional papers (loose or attached) with their approved references.

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