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Mississippi Municipal Contractor Books Pre Printed Tabs


Includes tabs for the following books:

  • The Contractor's Guide to Quality Concrete Construction - 4th Edition
  • Placing Reinforcing Bars, Recommended Practices, 10th edition
  • Code of Federal Regulations - 29 CFR Part 1926 (OSHA)
  • DIPRA Installation Guide for Ductile Iron Pipe, 2015
  • Concrete Pipe and Box Culvert Installation, 2007
  • Pipe and Excavation Contracting, 2011
  • Formwork for Concrete, 2014, 8th Edition
  • Training and Certification of Field Personnel for Unbonded Post-Tensioning - Level 1 Field Fundamentals, 2003, 3rd Edition
  • Technical Digest No. 9 – Handling and Erection of Steel Joists and Joist Girders, 3rd Edition
  • State of Mississippi Regulation of Excavation, Chapter 13 Regulation of Excavations Near Underground Utility Facilities
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