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Metals and How to Weld Them


Metals and How to Weld Them - Written by T.B. Jefferson and Gorham Woods. This book describes the internal structure of metals and its relation to mechanical and physical properties and weldability. The first edition of this book sold 30,000 copies, and the reason for this acceptance is this practical manual discusses the various metals used by industry and tells what processes and procedures can be used to weld them. This dual-purpose textbook and reference manual is written in non-technical language so high school seniors, welders, supervisors, engineers and educators will easily assimilate all data. Photos, diagrams and tables, 195 in all, back-up the text. Each of the 21 chapters concludes with a glossary of new terms used in each chapter, plus review questions on points worthy of extra note. The 400-page book is 6" x 9" with gold embossed hardcover. Includes Welding Safety DVD from Lincoln Electric and Welding Resources DVD Reprinted 2016.

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