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Low Voltage Wiring: Security/Fire Alarm Systems, 3rd Edition


Low Voltage Wiring: Security/Fire Alarm Systems, Third Edition, 2002

Part I: The Security Systems Business.

Chapter 1: A Business Built on Contracts.

Chapter 2: Estimating the Installation of Security Systems.

Chapter 3: Managing a Security Systems Business.

Chapter 4: Profit Centers--Service, Maintenance, and Ancillary Cash Flow. Part II: The Field.

Chapter 5: Basic Security System Considerations.

Chapter 6: Basic Installation Technique.

Chapter 7: Residential Security Systems.

Chapter 8: Commercial and Industrial Security Systems.

Chapter 9: Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Security Systems. Part III: A Deeper Understanding.

Chapter 10: Electrical Circuits.

Chapter 11: The Code.

Chapter 12: Print Reading.

Authors: Terry Kennedy, John E. Traister
Published: 2002
Edition: 1
ISBN: 9780071376747
Format: Print
Pages: 406