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CALL TODAY phone number 877.938.1888
CALL TODAY phone number 877.938.1888

Inspector Application Assistance


Applying to become an Inspector of any kind has never been easier, than with our Application Assistance Programs. Our Application Processing Assistance Program is the best way to apply to become a Certificate of Competency Holder in the State of Florida. Obtaining the right assistance ensures that no steps are missed and that no documents are left out or behind.

 Once your intake is complete, we compile the necessary information based on your responses and experience and then it will be fostered into a well-constructed application package. If needed, the applicant will receive a list of documentation and/or information still required to complete the application package. When your application package is complete, it will be sent out the same day, or held for pickup if the applicant would like to hand deliver the application package to the Jurisdiction they are applying to. (*Note that Jurisdiction Certificate of Competency Holders, in Florida, must also complete an application to Register that Certificate with the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation)

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