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Green Building Fundamentals, 2nd Edition

by Pearson

Green Building Fundamentals, 2nd Edition, This book helps readers understand the fundamental concepts of sustainable design and green building practices, which will soon become common practice on every project. It is also intended as a practical study guide for the LEED Green Associate exam, with a step-by-step study guide and an assessment (a practice exam with 80 questions and a focused discussion for each example). This book includes a discussion on why this topic is important to understand, practice, and teach along with practical examples of methods that are being used to increase a project’s environmental performance and additional study resources/references.

Some features include:

  •  Covers cost implications of green building practices, including initial investments, long-term cost benefits, and current market trends.
  • Provides a practical guide to understanding fundamental sustainable design and green building practices.
  • Includes a Focused Study Guide that helps readers prepare for the LEED-Green Associate exam.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Green Building Fundamentals

Chapter 2: Sustainability and the Building Industry

Chapter 3: Sustainable Design and Green Building

Chapter 4: Evaluating Cost Implication of Green Building

Chapter 5: Site Development Considerations

Chapter 6: Managing Site Water Runoff

Chapter 7: Improving a Project’s Water Use Efficiency

Chapter 8: Improving a Building’s Energy Efficiency

Chapter 9: Using Renewable Energy Sources

Chapter 10: Generating Power On-Site Using Renewable Energy Sources

Chapter 11: Improving a Building’s Material Use

Chapter 12: Improving a Building’s Indoor Environment Quality

Chapter 13: Improving the Building Industries’ Environmental Performance: The USGBC LEED® Green Building Rating System™

Chapter 14: Improving Individual Environmental Performance: Becoming a LEED Green Associate

APPENDIX A: LEED Version 3 (2009) Project Checklist

APPENDIX B: LEED Version 3 Study Outline

APPENDIX C: LEED Version 3 Green Associate Study Assessment Guide

APPENDIX D: LEED Version 3 Green Associate Study Assessment Guide Answer Key


Green Building Fundamentals, 2nd Edition

By Mike Montoya

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 6, 2010

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