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Florida General Contractor Exam Complete Book Set

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This package includes all 19 books covered by Florida’s open-book General Contractor exam. With this book set, you’ll be well on your way to a Florida General Contractor’s License, which allows you to build, repair, and remodel any building and subcontract for specialty trades.

The complete set of Florida State General Contractor exam books includes the following:

    1. A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, 2017
    2. A401 Standard Form of Agreement between Contractor-Subcontractor, 2017
    3. A701 Instructions to Bidders, 2018
    4. Builder's Guide to Accounting, Michael C. Thomsett, Copyright 2001
    5. Florida Statues Chapter 455
    6. Building Estimator’s Reference Book, Walker’s, 32nd Edition
    7. Code of Federal Regulations, (OSHA) 29 Part 1926
    8. Contractors Manual, 2021
    9. Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures, Steven H. Kosmatka, Beatrix Kerkhoff and William C. Panarese, 17th Edition
    10. Placing Reinforcing Bars, 10th ed
    11. Principles and Practices of Commercial Construction, Ronald C. Smith and Cameron K. Andres, 10th Edition, 2019
    12. Application and Finishing of Gypsum Panel Products, GA-216, 2018 Edition.
    13. Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida, 10th Ed., 2020
    14. Building Component Safety Information: BCSI-ED2-D “Guide to Good Practices for Handling, Installing and Bracing of Metal Connected Wood Trusses”, 2020
    15. Florida Building Code - Building, 2020
    16. Florida Building Code - Accessibility, 2020
    17. Florida Building Code - Residential, 2020
    18. Florida Building Code – Existing Building, 2020
    19. Florida Building Code – Energy Conservation, 2020


    To be a Florida Certified Contractor, you must be able to pass the contractor’s test, provide a proven record of financial stability, and present evidence of your experience for the category in which you wish to be licensed. A contractor must have at least four years of field experience in the category being considered, and one of those years has to be acting in a supervisory role. This last requirement could be substituted for at least three years of undergraduate credit hours. When the contractor wishes to be certified as a building or general contractor, he/she must present evidence of experience in four of these categories:

    • Masonry walls
    • Steel erection
    • Elevated slabs
    • Pre-cast concrete structures
    • Column erection
    • Formwork for structural reinforced concrete

    In addition to these requirements, contractors must have a background check done, insurance minimum bonding active at all times ($300K liability, $5k property damage) or any other amount the contractor boards deemed necessary. Finally, the contractor must also present active workers’ compensation coverage or an exemption.

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