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Concrete Masonry Handbook for Architects, Engineers, Builders


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Product Code: EB008

The sixth edition of PCA's Concrete Masonry Handbook for Architects, Engineers, Builders reflects the state-of-the-practice for concrete masonry construction presented in a revised layout style. More than 200 color photos describe designing and building with concrete masonry. Like the previous version, this handbook contains nine chapters, giving comprehensive coverage to materials - from units, to mortar, to grout. The chapters on design and construction provide an introduction to the structural behavior of masonry elements, including the types of loads acting on structures, how loads are carried, key components of masonry walls, and a detailed description of placing masonry. Includes information on applications for concrete masonry structures, finishes such as paint and plaster, more than 40 details of masonry sections, and a brand new glossary.
Discussions about codes and standards reflect the latest information available at the time of printing: the 2006 International Building Code, the 2005 Masonry Standards Joint Committee Building Code Requirement for Masonry Structures and Specification for Masonry Structures, with related commentaries, and the most recent ASTM reference standards. Relevant research and technical publications, including the National Concrete Masonry Association TEK series, are extensively referenced, providing both a thorough understanding of various topics and a key resource for deeper study.
From proven practices to innovations in materials and methods, this book delivers sound technical information to a broad audience. Sample topics include self-consolidating grout, colored mortars, pre-blended mortar materials, mortar netting, segmental retaining walls and other landscape applications, and hot and cold weather construction techniques.

Includes nine chapters and five appendices, plus a full index:
Chapter 1: General information on concrete masonry units
Chapter 2: Mortar and grout
Chapter 3: Properties of concrete masonry walls
Chapter 4: Design and layout of concrete masonry walls
Chapter 5: All-weather concrete masonry construction
Chapter 6: Construction techniques for concrete masonry
Chapter 7: Applied finishes for concrete masonry
Chapter 8: Various applications of concrete masonry
Chapter 9: Maintenance of masonry structures
Details of concrete masonry construction
Metric conversion factors
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