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API RP 1604 (R2010)

by API
API RP 1604 (R2010)
One of the most significant long-term trends affecting the future vitality of the petroleum industry is the public’s concerns about the environment. Recognizing this trend, API member companies have developed a positive, forward-looking strategy called STEP: Strategies for Today’s Environmental Partnership. This program aims to address public concerns by improving the industry’s environmental, health and safety performance; documenting performance improvements; and communicating them to the public. The foundation of STEP is the API Environmental Mission and Guiding Environmental Principles. API standards, by promoting the use of sound engineering and operational practices, are an important means of implementing API’s STEP program.
Closure of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks, 3rd Edition

STANDARD by American Petroleum Institute, 03/01/1996

Provides operating procedures that may be used for the abandonment, removal, storage, temporarily-out-service, and sale of used underground tanks that have contained gasoline or other flammable liquids.