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2020 Master Electrician Exam Questions and Study Guide - ONLINE COURSE

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2020 Master Electrician Exam Questions and Study Guide - Online Course 

An excellent ONLINE study-aid for the helper, apprentice, or electrician in preparing for the Master Electrician Exam. This online course will prepare you for both, the "open book" or code book related questions and the new "no book" (formally titled closed book) questions. It also includes the most popular electrical exam formats (number of questions, time allowed, etc.) and is the best way to study the National Electrical Code book as it forces you to find the answers in the time limit.

The Online Course Includes:

    • Twelve 25 Question PDF Practice Exams with Answers
    • Two 80 Question PDF Final Exams with Answers
    • Simulated Computer-Based Exams to give you the experience you need to pass
    • Helpful Tips to Pass the Test
    • Test Taking Techniques Video
    • A downloadable copy of all the material in the 2020 Master Electrician Study Guide
    • Android and iOS Compatible - Complete the course on your phone, anytime or anywhere.

Review and Test on the Subject Areas You Need to Pass:

    • Definitions, Calculations, Theory and Plans
    • Electrical Feeders
    • Branch Circuit Calculations and Conductors
    • Electrical Wiring Methods and Electrical Materials
    • Motors and Generators
    • Electrical Equipment and Devices
    • Electrical Services, Service Equipment, and Separately Derived Systems
    • Electrical Control Devices and Disconnecting Means
    • Special Occupancies, Equipment, and Conditions
    • Renewable Energy Technologies

Written by Ray Holder and published by 1ExamPrep/Brown Technical Publications. Brown has taken its 70 years of knowledge to combine all of the best and most comprehensive study prep for Master Electricians on the market. 

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