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CALL TODAY phone number 561.229.1418

Virginia Swimming Pool Construction Contracting - Online Exam Prep Course

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Get one step closer to becoming a Virginia Swimming Pool Construction Contractor with a prep course designed to help you conquer the required Virginia Swimming Pool Construction Contracting examination with PSI. 

  • Highlighting and tabbing locations for each book permitted into the exam, so you can quickly and easily reference your materials during the exam
  • Practice questions for each book in printable PDF format 
  • Testing techniques that are an indispensable part of these open-book exams
  • Instructor available via phone and/or email
  • 1 year of online access to the course
  • Android and iOS Compatible - Complete the course on your phone, anytime or anywhere.

Scope of Work: Swimming Pool Construction Contracting (Abbr: POL) means that service which provides for the construction, repair, improvement or removal of in-ground swimming pools. The CBC and RBC classifications and the RFC specialty also provide for this function. No trade related plumbing, electrical, backflow or HVAC work is included in this specialty.

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