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2023 LEED Green Associate: Exam Prep and Review Package


LEED Green Associate Complete Training Package

Elevate Your Career with Upstryve’s LEED Green Associate Training Package

Are you ready to stand out in the ever-evolving construction industry? As sustainability becomes a cornerstone in building practices, contractors equipped with green building knowledge are increasingly in demand. Upstryve’s LEED Green Associate (GA) Training Package is designed not only to help you pass your LEED GA exam, but also to boost your marketability and equip you with the essential expertise to excel in the green building movement.

Why Choose LEED GA Accreditation?
  • Enhance Your Credibility: Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and gain recognition as a knowledgeable professional in green building practices.
  • Secure a Competitive Edge: In a market leaning towards eco-friendly solutions, being a LEED-accredited contractor puts you ahead, opening doors to new business opportunities.
  • Master Green Building Principles: Our comprehensive training covers critical sustainable building strategies, enabling you to improve project sustainability, efficiency, and occupant health.
  • Lead High-Quality Projects: Apply LEED principles to deliver superior projects that stand out for their resource efficiency and lower operating costs.
  • Champion Sustainability: Position yourself as a leader in the movement towards environmental responsibility in the construction industry.
  • Unlock Financial Incentives: Leverage your LEED expertise to access various financial benefits for your projects, from tax rebates to zoning allowances.
  • Premium Project Costs: Projects aiming for LEED certification may have higher budgets due to the incorporation of sustainable materials and technologies.
  • Competitive Advantage: Having LEED accreditation provides a competitive edge in bidding for contracts, not just for projects seeking certification but also for clients valuing sustainability.
  • Additional Revenue Streams: LEED-accredited contractors can also offer consulting services to clients and other contractors seeking to implement sustainable practices in their projects. This can be an additional revenue stream beyond traditional contracting work.

What Our LEED GA Training Package Offers:

Upstryve’s LEED GA exam prep package is authored by industry experts to ensure you gain the knowledge and confidence to pass your LEED GA exam on the first try. Access includes our LEED Green Associate Exam Prep Online Course and companion printed LEED Green Associate Textbook, providing you with flexible learning options to suit your busy schedule.

Take the Leap Today

Invest in your future and the planet's by enrolling in our LEED GA Training Package. Elevate your professional profile, contribute to creating healthier, more sustainable buildings, and open the door to a world of opportunities. Together, let's build a sustainable future.
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