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RP100-20 Recommended Practices for Installation of Underground Liquid Storage Systems, 2020


Recommended Practices for Installation of Underground Liquid Storage Systems (2020 Edition)

PEI RP100-20 applies to underground, atmospheric and shop-fabricated tanks, associated piping, and equipment up to and including the emergency shear valve intended to dispense gasoline, diesel and related petroleum products into motor vehicles at retail, commercial and government vehicle fueling facilities. If this recommended practice is used as a guide to the installation of underground storage tank systems containing substances other than petroleum, the user must ensure that the storage system materials and components are compatible with and applicable to the substance to be stored.

PEI RP100-20 does not address practices associated with the installation of storage systems for liquefied petroleum gases, liquefied natural gases or compressed natural gases.

The practices recommended in this publication are limited to installation procedures.

This document is not meant to provide interpretation of regulatory or legislative requirements related to underground storage systems, nor does it endorse or recommend particular materials, equipment, suppliers or manufacturers. The inclusion of procedures for the installation of equipment or devices is not meant to imply that such equipment or devices should always be used. Nothing in this document is intended to discourage the development and implementation of new installation methods and procedures.

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